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Custom loader

By design, the default MDX is very minimal and likely won’t see any additional features outside of the MDX spec. However, webpack makes it straightforward to write your own loader to add custom syntax support.

Consider a scenario where you wanted to add frontmatter support to all your MDX documents. You could achieve this with a remark plugin or a custom loader. Here we’ll write a custom loader:

// lib/fm-loader.js
const matter = require('gray-matter')
const stringifyObject = require('stringify-object')
module.exports = async function (src) {
const callback = this.async()
const {content, data} = matter(src)
const code = `export const frontMatter = ${stringifyObject(data)}
return callback(null, code)

The loader code above parses out the frontmatter, exports it as the named export frontMatter, and then returns the rest of the document which will then be handled by @mdx-js/loader and then babel-loader.

Then, you can use it with the following config:

module.exports = {
module: {
rules: [
test: /\.mdx?$/,
use: [
path.join(__dirname, './lib/fm-loader')
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